About Quin


My name is Quin.  I am fourteen years old and have been playing the fiddle for seven years. I’ve had two teachers, Trish and Geoff Horrocks.  Trish was my teacher for four years and Geoff has been my teacher for three years.  I also play guitar and mandolin.  I have been playing mandolin for three years and guitar for two years.  Groovy tunes inspire me the most when I’m choosing what to play and when I’m writing my own music.  One of my favourite musicians is an amazing player named Oliver Schroer.  His style was very unique, creating a very funky, eclectic feel.  His music is what inspired me to play groovy and helped me develop my own style.  Sadly, he passed away in 2008 of cancer but he will always be remembered through the thousand tunes he composed.   I have been writing tunes for a few years now.  I have recently written my first song on thQuine guitar with lyrics.  I plan to keep music in my life forever.