Interview with Tyler Carson

I recently went to a house concert; house concerts are great because you can really connect with the performer considering you’re in a small room and can talk much easier than i
f you were in a theatre.  This concert was put on by a performer named Tyler Carson.  He also did a fiddle workshop where we did a lot of improvising.  We all got to take a turn while people were droning in the background.  It was great because Tyler was very calm about everything and it wasn’t pressuring at all.  Tyler shared some of his fiddle history and experiences with me.  If he has a concert near you I definitely recommend it.

How long have you been playing the fiddle?
27 years! (I’m 32)

Do you play any other instruments besides the fiddle?
Piano, guitar, mandolin.

Do you have any tips for new musicians or fiddle players?
Practice every day (or at least 5 times a week) with some serious focus on technical work. Otherwise seek teachers and genres of music that you find fun. Keep in mind that t3405851he right teacher can make classical very exciting and fun, while the opposite is equally true. And classical music is a very important help in our development.

What’s your favorite music to play?
Living music – any music that is connected to the spontaneous expression of your heart (rather than your thinking or trying!) this is why beginner students are often so wonderful to listen to because they LOVE what they are doing.

How long do you spend trying to write another tune on the loop pedal?
Writing on the loop pedal is great because it allows me to create a complete piece based on spontaneous heart expression very quickly. Every piece is different though in terms of how long it takes to finish.

Is anyone in your family a musician?
My sister is a fiddle player too! And she’s super cool and a wonderful musician – Kendel Carson

What caused you to start playing the fiddle?
My mom told me to!

Do you like to teach, write music books or perform?
I love all of these things because it’s another way of expressing my passion for music and how it can help people to find more happiness in life. I have a blog about this on my website:

Thank you, Tyler, for answering my questions. Check out his website for his blog and some great music videos!!